Hydrate Inhibitor Optimisation


  • A Brief description of HydraCHEK

  • HydraCHEK is a device for fast and accurate determination of salts and hydrate inhibitors (i.e., methanol, ethanol, MEG, DEG, TEG, and KHI) in produced water, ensuring adequate inhibitor injection to avoid hydrate risks and protecting the system against changes in the operating conditions (e.g., changes in the water cut), pump malfunctions, human error, etc. There are two options for HydraCHEK, i.e., lab-based or online, both are able to determine the concentration of salt and inhibitors within a few seconds.

    HydraCHEK has been successfully deployed in many places around the world. There are many case studies where HydraCHEK has resulted in £100s of thousands to £100s of millions of savings and extra income. Furthermore, there is no single case of a hydrate blockage in the fields where HydraCHEK is deployed.

    The HydraCHEK technique is based on determining speed of sound and electrical conductivity in a 120 ml water sample (There are alternative option when there is no free water for sampling). It was developed as a result of a research programme at the Gas Hydrates and Flow Assurance Research Group at Heriot-Watt University and commercialised by Hydrafact.

Why Hydrafact

  • A Day in the Life of Hydrafact

  • Hydrafact Limited is an oil & gas knowledge-based, spin-out company from Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, formed in 2006. Hydrafact offers a comprehensive range of technical and scientific services in the fields of flow assurance, PVT phase behaviour, production optimisation and EOR.

Queen's Anniversary Prize

KHI Removal

  • KHI removal

  • Gas hydrates are solid ice-like compounds that can form and block pipelines. Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors (KHI) are used to prevent hydrate problems. However, they are expensive, as well as causing problem during produced water processing and/or disposal. Furthermore, KHIs are not generally environmentally friendly.

    Hydrafact have developed a technique for KHI removal from produced waters based on solvent extraction using ‘Treatment Chemicals’ (TCs). Removal of KHIs using this innovative, simple and effective method can resolve many potential produced water processing and/or disposal problems. Furthermore, the developed technique opens up opportunities for KHI recovery and reuse and novel KHI design that can lead to substantial economic benefits and positive environmental impact in this industry.